All On 4 Dental Implants

Dr. William T. Martey DMD, MD Board Certified Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. William T. Martey in Orange provides the ultimate solution for your All on 4 Dental Implants damaged and missing teeth and a more enduring substitute to dentures. The innovative teeth replacement treatment known as the All on 4 dental implants has revolutionized the way dentists work. It offers a sustainable solution for anyone suffering from damaged, unsteady and missing teeth. All on 4 is a one-day process and gives you strong, natural and healthy teeth in a single day procedure. Soon after your procedure is complete, you are able to eat your preferred food like you previously used to with your new, improvised and healthy teeth.

We deliver more than you expect. We reinstate your teeth so you can smile like before and live with confidence, in a single day. The innovative All on 4 implant let’s you see instant results with assured durability. It helps you save your time and money spent on other temporary and unfruitful solutions and at the same time restores the health of your gums and bone for several years to come.

The Implant Process – How It’s Done

The All on 4 implant procedure begin with a consultation in which Dr. Martey and his team of highly trained professionals examine your dental health thoroughly. They gather as much information as they can about your jaw structure, gums, and teeth to enable them to formulate the right strategy for your implant. They go through your dental and medical history, run a CAT scan to ascertain the present condition of your dental structure and answer all the questions you might have about the entire process. At this stage, you can also discuss fees and insurance coverage with the team.

Post consultation, you are registered and given a surgery date, when your provisional prosthetic teeth and dental implants are placed by Dr. Martley and at the comfort of our office. Finally, specialized lab technicians carefully design your final set of prosthetic teeth that feel, look and perform just like your old natural dentals. After your dental implants heal fully, these final prosthetics are set into place.

Why Is It The Best Solution? The Benefits Of All On 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implants are placed straight into the gums where the root of the teeth rests; every arc clutches four implants which work as anchors for your prosthetic teeth. Earlier procedures needed a minimum of one year or more for healing the implants. The All on 4 procedures allows you to have a better solution in a single day. You can walk out of our office the same day with your provisional set of prosthetic teeth, while we design the final set of your prosthetic teeth, tailored to your dental specifications. After your dental implants have spent sufficient in your jawbone and gums to completely bond with them, we can then place your permanent set of prosthetic teeth – again a single-day procedure.

All on 4 implants is different from the traditional method as it places 4 implants per arch at a certain angle as compared to the old method in which 8 implants were deployed straight into the root of the teeth. This method is even effective on people with less bone by reducing the amount of bone-grafting required to be done. As there is increased contact between the implant and the bone, it reduces the necessity of any major grafting procedures required to be completed in many cases. All on 4 implant can be performed on bone heights as low as 10mm on lower or upper jawbone. Notably, this method holds merit in the speedy recovery process and reasonable cost involved in the entire treatment.

All on 4 implants is beneficial to anyone stressed from having missed or damaged teeth apart from being an extraordinary replacement from less productive traditional methods of implants. So gift yourself the naturally fitting teeth and enjoy all the delicacies like you did before and smile to the fullest without worries. All the treatments related to All on 4 implants are painless and we let you go back to your normal schedule in a single day!


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