Same Day Dental Implants

In today’s busy world, who has the time to visit the dentist again and again for one procedure? With Same Day Dental Implants, you can restore your smile in as little as one visit. Read on to see how you can replace missing or damaged teeth in just one day.

One Day Implant Treatments

Single day dental implant treatments provide a long-term solution that restores the look and function of missing teeth. Whether you require a single implant or multiple implants, same day procedures offer a wide range of options to give you a healthy, natural-looking smile in a single appointment.

Traditional implant placement requires several visits that take months to complete. During the first appointment, the dentist inserts a small titanium post into the tooth root, then leaves the treatment site to heal. Over the course of the next few months, the post bonds with the gum and bone tissue, providing a sturdy foundation for an abutment or replacement tooth. This traditional method is often effective, but can last from three to six months, taking time out of your schedule and causing pain and discomfort along the way.

At Dental Spa of Orange, our proven streamlined process provides a permanent replacement for missing teeth all in one visit. We use advanced technology to ensure the safety and smoothness of your procedure from start to finish. Using 3D CT scanning and digital planning software, we design and plan the placement of your implants, all of which are custom made to provide a natural-looking smile that improves your oral health and comfort.

Advantages Of Same Day Implants

There Are Many Advantages To Same Day Implants Including:

  • Same longevity as traditional implants in less time
  • Protect gum and bone tissue from damage and infection
  • Shorter recovery
  • Last a lifetime with proper care

Who Qualifies For One Day Dental Implants?

A dental implant replaces a missing tooth root through a process known as osseo-integration. Osseo-integration involves fusing the implant post to the jawbone for a permanent solution. This means that patients that qualify for one day dental implants should have sufficient, healthy jawbone to anchor the implants. During your consultation, we can examine the health of your jawbone to determine whether you are a good candidate for one day implants.

Get the permanent, beautiful smile you want with one-day dental implants. To learn more, please give us a call. We will be happy to help you in scheduling your initial consultation.


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