Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants can restore the look and function of teeth through several options including implant-supported full dental, full bridges, All on 4 implants, and individual implants. These treatments can be combined and tailored to the patient’s unique needs, providing lasting solutions to missing or failing teeth.

Advantages Of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Compared to conventional dentures, implant-supported full dentures and bridges can provide greater comfort and stability. This is because implants anchor the bridge or denture through a post embedded in the gums. The customized implant provides a longer lasting, more comfortable fit and helps to protect the gum and jawbone, promoting greater oral health. Dental implants also allow patients to avoid the food restrictions required with traditional dentures.


Implants are placed using small titanium posts inserted into the jaw. This allows the implants to take the place of missing tooth roots, anchoring the replacement tooth or appliance in place for lasting stability. Once the post is inserted, it is left for a few months to fuse to the jawbone through a process called osseo-integration. Once fused, the post provides a reliable foundation for placing bridges, dentures, or artificial teeth. A temporary tooth may be placed on top of the post during the bonding period for aesthetic purposes.

Multiple crowns can attach to the implants using healing caps and connections. This step helps to ensure restorations last for many years, making the most of your oral health and investment.

Each dental restoration is customized to match the alignment, bite, and smile of the patient. These restorations provide a natural-looking solution that restores both the health and appearance of your smile.

When osseo-integration is complete, the dentures and bridges are attached to the abutments (small metal posts) or other connecting device. They are connected to the fused implant and left to heal. While adjusting to the sensation of implants can take some time, patients find that they enjoy a beautiful, full set of teeth that promotes confidence and health, allowing them to speak, chew, and smile without worry.

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, please give us a call to learn if full mouth dental implants are right for you.

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